Punctured Happiness

“Dad! They replied, the website I wanted to write for finally replied!! They’re asking me to write as a volunteer contributor which is unpaid at first but it could become paid in the future and this is such a good start for me! They’re one of the biggest websites around and it’ll open a lot of doors for me!”

” So, it’s just freelancing, isn’t it? When are you going to get a real job?”

Thousands of conversations like this one take place all over the world in hundreds of languages every day. When someone that holds you special in their life comes to you with some sort of news that they are excited about, the worst thing you can do is shoot them down with a negative comment like this one. It takes a lot for a person to bubble with joy and excitement and every time someone does this, it punctures a hole in their dream, regardless of who they are, how old they are, what the news is or who the special person is.

If you’re lucky enough to be a special part of someone’s life and they feel like they need to share their excitement with you in the moment that it still puts an uncontrollable smile on their face, these reactions will hurt them more than you can ever imagine. So much so that it comes to a point where the next time they have something special to share, you might not be the first person that comes to mind. These memories stick!

So, if you’re a parent, a boyfriend, a teacher or any other kind of special relationship in another person’s life, take the time to listen to what excites them and be happy for them, that’s all they need in that moment. There’s no greater joy a person feels than when his or her joy is shared by the people they love.

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The Notorious Monster I Loved

My brain is blank
My heart is dry
Shed my last tear
Didn’t help getting high

Lost myself to save you
Left my soul in your treacherous hands
I warned myself
But I trusted you

My favourite songs
My favourite places
My favourite people
You took them all

You saw me cry
You saw me fall
But your pity
You spent it on him, why?

Who am I?
I am nobody
But I am everybody
And you? You’re the notorious monster dressed in the nice perfume


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Running out of control

Every thought worse than the previous one

Different names, different places, different people

Same thoughts, same outcome

I try to catch the thoughts

They run around in my brain

Like a child trapped, scared, in a maze

A scared, vulnerable child


It is I who run

From the thoughts, from the people, from the places


How do you outrun

What is inside of you?

How do you run from yourself?

How do I escape the maze?

For I am nothing but

A scared, vulnerable child.


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On any given day, I have no less than a thousand different day dreams and conversations in my head about topics ranging from me being on the Cassini space probe entering Saturn’s rings and how fascinating that would be to me being stuck in an elevator with Lily Collins and how intimidating it would be. (Intimidating because, have you seen her?) And yes, she could get stuck in an elevator thousands of miles away from home on the other side of the world.

I’ve been having these imaginary conversations and beautiful, scary, wonderful day dreams for as long as I can remember but in all these years, none of them have ever come to life. So why does my brain pursue these magical stories day in and day out, in the elevator, or, while I’m driving, or, even while having a conversation with the dull co-worker sitting beside me? Ok, maybe I know the answer to that last one.

It fascinates me that in-spite of growing up and learning that almost all of these hypothetical conversations and situations are never actually going to take place, my mind hasn’t lost the ability to keep coming up with them and even making them more unrealistic on a daily basis. It’s something that I wish I never stop doing or lose the ability to do, because, no matter what’s going on in the real world – whether it’s relationship issues or job troubles or just the regular annoyances of daily life, those 5 minute escapes never fail to put a smile on my face.

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Cheap whiskey and Coke

What is it about sitting at home with a few close friends and drinking glass after glass of cheap, rough whiskey that makes my heart warm? Is it the alcohol, is it the friendship or is it my mind switching off and my soul being free? Why does the good stuff not taste that good but the cheap stuff makes me feel so good? Have I associated happiness to cheap whiskey, friends and cigarettes or is this really the happiest I can be?

Loved for 2 years and had the good stuff, went to the restaurants and kissed in the bars. I thought I was happy until once again I sat on my terrace and drank till the sun came up. Why did I lie to myself? Why did I lie to everyone else? Should’ve found a lover who’d make me my drinks.

What happens when they leave? Who do I drink my whiskey with? Do I find others to share the nights with? That feels wrong. But when I kissed another girl, it didn’t feel wrong. Was I even in love?

2 years of love, a million lies but what I hate the most, I gave up my life. How stupid and naive when all I needed to do was drink another night. They could’ve saved me, they would’ve saved me, if all I’d done was stay another night.

So many questions, all unanswered. What do you want to drink? Well of course, Cheap Whiskey and Coke.


Why are we afraid of everything that surrounds us? Being afraid of the dark or of spiders are fears that are tangible and can be understood easily because you can see or feel what you’re afraid of but what of the fears that can’t be seen and can’t be felt? Why are we so afraid of them?

The biggest of these intangible fears – Social rejection. The fear of social rejection makes us do things or say things that we may not absolutely agree with but more importantly it makes us not do things or not say things that might be perceived as stupid or imbecilic. Everything in our life from the way we dress, the way walk or the people we interact with are shaped by this fear. Every time I walk into a room that’s host to 3-4 people, a multitude of thoughts bombard my brain about how these 3-4 strangers will perceive me. Am I walking funny? Is my hair alright? Should I look into my phone to appear busy and avoid eye contact?

The age of the social media has added so much to this fear. One of the biggest impacts it has had is on travel. When we travel in this day and age, there is so much pressure to ensure that the trip is perfect. Every single day must be the best possible day of our life. Our social media posts must be A+ and legendary. If a person travels for 10 days, it is entirely possible that every single day seems to be perfect but what when you travel for months on end? There are going to be bum days when you do nothing of great importance or significance, have no soul changing conversations with strangers or see a wonder of the world but that’s a beautiful part of travel because it teaches you to sit back, relax and be at joy with yourself. There is no reason to be afraid of all the people who don’t give a shit about what you’re doing. There is a great power in letting go and saying fuck it, I’m going to do what I really want to, not what seems right to hundreds of strangers. The power of letting go is the only way to overcome the fear of social rejection.