Cheap whiskey and Coke

What is it about sitting at home with a few close friends and drinking glass after glass of cheap, rough whiskey that makes my heart warm? Is it the alcohol, is it the friendship or is it my mind switching off and my soul being free? Why does the good stuff not taste that good but the cheap stuff makes me feel so good? Have I associated happiness to cheap whiskey, friends and cigarettes or is this really the happiest I can be?

Loved for 2 years and had the good stuff, went to the restaurants and kissed in the bars. I thought I was happy until once again I sat on my terrace and drank till the sun came up. Why did I lie to myself? Why did I lie to everyone else? Should’ve found a lover who’d make me my drinks.

What happens when they leave? Who do I drink my whiskey with? Do I find others to share the nights with? That feels wrong. But when I kissed another girl, it didn’t feel wrong. Was I even in love?

2 years of love, a million lies but what I hate the most, I gave up my life. How stupid and naive when all I needed to do was drink another night. They could’ve saved me, they would’ve saved me, if all I’d done was stay another night.

So many questions, all unanswered. What do you want to drink? Well of course, Cheap Whiskey and Coke.

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